MTV TRL Brand Relaunch


For the relaunch of MTV’s TRL we worked with the in-house creative team at MTV to develop the branding broadcast design. As part of the work we developed the cube device and pattern that is used throughout the show, alongside various backgrounds for screen, and the overall motion aesthetic. 

Creative: Studio Moross Initial Design and Motion Direction: Kate Moross, Oscar Torrans, Leio Kirtley, Linus Kraemer, Mica Warren Additional Design and Motion: Adrian Alexis, Magda Baez, Chloe Rose Bush, Dorca Musseb, Jen Epstein, David Fiddler,
Yonju Kim, Ethan Mackin, Blake Morrison, Oscar Rivera, Brendan Roche, Weixi Zeng

MTV TRL Studio Moross Ident

In addition to the main show, we were asked to produce an Ident that would express both the TRL brand and the Personality of Studio Moross.