UAE 50th National Day

I was invited to work as part of the team at Luke Halls Studio to collaborate with Es Devlin for the UAE’s 50th National Day celebration in 2021. The show was based around a floating rotating sculpture – a timepiece calibrating 50 years between people and land – in the mountainous region of Hatta, UAE – created in collaboration with the mountains, the sky, the deep green lake and an exceptionally powerful group of female Emirati artists.

Our task was to create projection content that would assist in telling that story alongside Chorography, Pyro, lighting and sound. 

Artistic Director and Designer: Es Devlin
Artistic Directior: Shaikha Al Ketbi
Creative Executive Producer: Rawdha Al Qubaisi
Show direction and Choreography: Gavin Robins & Francisco Negrin
Producer: Larmac Projects
Camera Direction: Hamish Hamilton
Lighting Design: Bruno Poet & James Farncomb
Sound and Music: Polyphonia & Mohamed Al Ahmed
Pyro Design: GROUPE F
Projection and broadcast video design: Charli Davis, Luke Halls Studio

Animation and Design: Svenja Frahm, Tim Marriott, Luca Brenna, Mark Todd, Rob Hales, Ross Marshall, Bruno Costarelli, Jason Moss, Chris Homer
3D Modelling & UV: Dave Shepherd, Ryan Kittleson
Animation Support: Pedro Gundar, Tom Brown
Video Producer: Bridget Vuillermin
Video Tech Manager: Jack Fenton

Photography: D&D & Nicolas Chavance