Parklife 2018

The theme for Parklife 2018 was all things Hollywood. So for the lineup launch film we decided to pull together as many movie genre and Hollywood tropes as we possible could, and crammed all of them into this 3 minute animation. We began by brainstorming ideas as a group, then refining out ideas down into a storyboard and worked built up from there. The film took about 1 month to pull together. 


Production Company: Studio Moross
Art Direction: Guy Field, Andy Baker, Kate Moross
Editors: Linus Kraemer, Leio Kirtley, Kate Moross, Tim Marriott
Character Design: Guy Field, Mica Warren, Andy Baker
Illustrators: Guy Field, Andy Baker, Mica Warren, Kate Moross
Background Artists: Andy Baker, Pete Sharp, Kate Moross, Guy Field, Mica Warren
Motion Design & Compositing: Tim Marriott, Linus Kraemer, Andy Baker, Leio Kirtley, Kate Moross

Cel Animation: Andy Baker, Joe Sparkes, Ned Mackness, Jamie Hobbs
Cel Animation Assistant: Ashley Back
3d Animation: Tom Stockley
Sound Design: Father
Music Edit: Linus Kraemer