Spice World 2019 Screen Content

Live visuals design for Spice World 2019 UK & Ireland tour. We worked as part of a core creative team lead by Creative Director Lee Lodge to manage the art direction and design across the screens and stage. As animation lead my role was to work with and support the team in the creation and delivery of the screen content, while also being responsible for the creative and animation of specific tracks. The project also involved working on site at rehearsals in the lead up to the first show.

Featured on It’s Nice That

A Studio Moross project.

Creative Director & Producer Lee Lodge
Art Direction Kate Moross
Animation Lead Tim Marriott
Motion Design and Animation Tim Marriott, Rez Alom, TR Bennett, Rory Cahill, Nic Canticus, Therese Detje, Dexter George, Sayeed Islam Peter Kent, Leio Kirtley, Linus Kraemer, Lara Lee, And Needham, Ashley Park, Rose Pilkington, Teresa Tang

Motn Lead Tim Marriott