Parklife 2017

Expanding on the 2017 Parklife theme of 1980s Sci fi. We embarked on creating what was a very ambitious Lineup launch film that would continue that theme onto peoples screens. We collectively brainstormed the various ideas and then stitched them together to form an abstract narrative. Working with an illustrator and a small team of cel animators we then went into production.

The final film was streamed live in January 2017

Production Company: Studio Moross
Art Direction: Guy Field, Andy Baker, Kate Moross
Editors: Linus Kraemer, Tim Marriott
Character Design: Guy Field, Andy Baker
Illustrators: Guy Field, Andy Baker, Kate Moross
Background Artists: Andy Baker, Pete Sharp, Kate Moross, Guy Field, Mica Warren
Motion Design & Compositing: Tim Marriott, Linus Kraemer, Andy Baker, Kate Moross
Cel Animation: Andy Baker, Jamie Hobbs, Charlie Lane Bush 3d Animation: Tom Stockley
Sound Design: Father
Music Edit: Linus Kraemer